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Product Features

1. Boat Names & Rego stickers are provided
as individual letters on 1 sheet ready for easy
These stickers are not printed
on a clear or white  background.
 This means
you will see your boat surface between the
vinyl letters. This method is the most popular.


2. Waterproof adhesive.
3. Fast Ordering Processing.
4. Proven on over 2000 customer boats
since 2009
5. Excellent Customer Service. You
really know who you are dealing with
if a problem ever arises
. Rest assured
our customers get looked after.


Marine Graphics Stickers Designer

Colour and size Choice.
Price: 0.00

Improve your boats value and looks with one of our popular graphics designs.


1. All you need is your own boat photo at about 5 inches in width or about 450 pixles in width.
2. Click on the upload button so you can temporaliy view your boat in the browser.

3. Click on your boat photo and it will be highlighted in red so move this around to suit your design.
4. From the drop down menu choose a series graphic.

Tip: To move the boat photo or the graphic image just click once on the graphic move to
position and click to place.
Please Note: Your photo is not saved onto our website. Once
you close the web browser your image is removed automatically.

Samples of graphics are for illustration purposes only. Please choose the correct size for your boat.

Choose Graphic Design:: :

Choose Size: :

Colour Chart

Choose Colour:: :

Comments: :

Each order is for 1 pair (qty - 2) of graphic stickers which will point the same way on each side of your boat (not identical because these will not point the same way when applying these onto your surface).


These graphic kits are popular with boat owners who want to add some nice graphic additions to there boat. These graphics are perfect for anyone that wants to add some cool graphic features to there fishing boat. These are also great for someone that is selling a boat and who wants to add more dollar value. Over 14 popular designs which can be made in polymeric vinyl or our popular Cast Vinyl from 3M.

We can also make custom designs to suit.

These stickers are very easy to install and installation instructions are provided.

Marine Decals Specialist Australia Wide Delivery with Online Designer

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