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Welcome to the Boat Stickers Shop.

We are the go-to shop for premium 3M boat sticker kits to suit all styles of boats.

Established in 2008 with an already saturated market we have served thousands of customers Australia-wide.

Here’s why.

Installation Errors or Lack of Following Instructions

Made a mistake with an installation? Just contact us and be honest and we will take care of it for you.

Value for Money Boat Stickers

From our personal experiences in a majority of cases, Boat Owners have around 400mm blank space of height for a Boat Name.
Having this space what is your preference? Ordering a sticker at a height option and having absolutely no idea on how long these will be or would you prefer to know your sticker length upfront with a choice of length ordering sizes? We offer our boat names in length and heigh is proportional and this offers you value for money. If you need to know an exact size send Joseph an SMS on 0418 563 000 for a call back requesting this.

Easy to Use Boat Stickers Product Designer & Ordering System

Simple to use.
4 shadow choices.
Outline Choice.
Material Choice.
Standard and Premium fonts.
Same Day/Next Day Postage Option.
Paypal, Bank Deposit, and Credit Card payment options.
Fast checkout with no account needed.

Why You Should consider Our Products?

Easy to Use Product Designer.
Easy Product Installation.
We offer you 2 material choices.
Prompt Dispatch.
Free Applicator.
14+ years of industry experience.
Australian designed and made.
Products are sent to you in a Mailing Tube and not folded in an envelope.
Clear Application Tape so when you receive your stickers there is less chance of bubbling.

Our sticker signs in Australia are custom made to order and suit all types of boats which include:

Timber painted at boat hulls.
Fiberglass Boats
Aluminum Boats
Polycraft Boats (3M option)
Painted Steel Boats
Painted Aluminium Boats
Lapstrake Hull styles Boats
Clinker Hull Boats
Caddy Style Boats
Runabouts Boats
Cruisers Boats
Half Cabins Boats
Centre Consoles Boats
Fishing Boats
Why Choose Our Custom Made Boat Stickers Signs Kits?
Our customer service skills. This spans over 20 years in a mix of industries including retail and Business management.
Made a mistake while ordering or sticker installation? No too bad its your fault type of answers here. Just contact us and we will assist you where we can.
Under-Promise & Over-Deliver. This is what we are known for and one experience will be with the speed of delivery of your order.
Easy Application. The process of applying is very simple and has dedicated instruction pages along with a simple Youtube video explaining the process.
Stay Flat App Tape. This is the material that sits on top of the stickers that holds everything in place. Some suppliers use an adhesive-backed paper to hold everything together which has a tendency to lift off the sticker during postage time. Unroll these and air pockets will be everywhere. We use a premium USA-made stay flat app tape stickers liner which costs us more to make but assures us when you receive your boat order they will look like how they left our shop.
Material Choice Option. 2 Options are available including a premium 3M material option.
Value. We sell our kits by length, not height. This means you know exactly the length your these will be.
Some of Our Product features Include the following:
Custom Made Boat Stickers to suit.
3M Boat Stickers Material option.
Waterproof adhesive.
Mailing Tube Postage NOT folded flat in a flat envelope.
Online sticker installation Video.
A range of sticker colors to choose from.
A range of fonts to choose from.
All orders include a sticker applicator which is around 160mm in width. This covers the heights of most decals and boat regos and avoids air bubbles.
Easy to use boat stickers designer with a secure website-wide SSL when browsing or ordering.
We make our products here in Victoria, Australia using the best materials possible with a material choice option. Both stickers materials have been tested over 10 years with thousands of sticker installations on customer boats.
Some Cool Boat Names that you might consider Using Include:
Gone Fishin
Reel Deal
Sea Ya
Reel Time

We have more cool boat names.

Free APPLICATOR TOOL for our Boat Stickers Makes it Easy To Apply

We provide all of our customers with a FREE applicator tool and stickers decals installation instructions for applying to your boat. Not just any boat applicator thats imported and is around 90mm in width. Ours is 160mm in width which covers the width of most decals including our regos. This way when you apply these in place all it takes is one sweeping motion rather going back and forth making sure all sticker surfaces have been applied in place.

Mailing Tube Postage

All stickers purchased from us that exceed a length of 200mm are rolled up and sent to you in a mailing tube. No exceptions.These will be ready to apply on your boat.

Contacting Us

Have questions about our boat stickers feel free to contact me directly by calling me on 0418 563 000.

Questions and Answers


Questions and Answers


What Type of Stickers Do You Make?

We make vinyl cut stickers made to order to suit your needs. These are supplied on one sheet and once installed you can feel the surface of your boat between the letters.


Do You Make Decals?

We just decommissioned our Roland printer and will not be replacing this due to new printer costs exceeding 25k and lack of Demand by our Customers.


What are the differences between vinyl cut stickers and Decals?

These are 2 different products with the only thing in common between the 2 is they both have some form of adhesive and they both use some form of vinyl.

Vinyl cut stickers are made using vinyl material such as Polymeric or Cast Vinyl. The vinyl material is colored throughout.
The process of making Polymeric and Cast Vinyl is different but the mixing process is similar.
This means what color you see on the top of the vinyl stickers is the color you see underneath where the adhesive is.
So these stickers are obviously going to last longer.

Decals are printed and the print or design is printed on the surface. These are then cut to shape.
When you take a look at the underside of a Decal where the adhesive is the color is either a white or grey color.
There are 3 types of vinyl types. The 1st is what I call cheap real estate board monomeric vinyl which has a short life, followed by polymeric and cast vinyl.


Are Your Stickers Salt Resistant and Waterproof?

Both materials we offer have alkaline resistance and the adhesive is solvent-based.
This means the adhesive can not be washed away with water.

We also completed a 2-week full submersion test using real ocean saltwater on both materials we use.
Both materials are used in the Automotive, Trucking, and Marine industries.


How do I put stickers on a boat?

We offer extensive instructions when you place an order.

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