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What is a Hull on a Boat, Cruiser or on a fishing Vessel?

What is a hull?  The hull is the bottom part of a boat that sits in the water. Specifically, what ...
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Different Types of Boats in Australia for Cruising, Fishing and Diving

There are different types of boats for different boating purposes. Below is a list of a range of boat types ...
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Offshore Fishing Boats – Fibreglass & Aluminium Best Options

What are the best boats for offshore fishing? Great question. One that can be subjective and debatable. To begin with, today ...
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Bowrider Boats Luxury Watercraft Cruising for Fun

Bowrider Boats are similar to runabout boats with 2 differences. These being: Bowrider boats have access to the bow of ...
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Wooden Boats Information Guide & Types

Wooden boats have been a means of transport that dates back thousands of years. Wooden Boats History The first materials ...
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Sailboat Yacht

types of sailboats ...
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