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Boat Names Stickers Design Guide

In this guide we will go through the things you will need to create and design the ultimate Boat names stickers for your boat. If you do not have a ...
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Boat Name Ideas For Your Runabout

Some of the best Boat name ideas can be found on some of the most beautiful boats you will ever see. We have put together a comprehensive list of boat ...
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How to Clean A Boat – Your Complete Guide

The process of how to clean a boat can apply to most boats and vessels. Cleaning and washing a boat with some basic knowledge and having the right tools is ...
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What to look for when buying a boat – 15 Tips – Used Boating Market

If you have decided you want to buy a boat here is what to look for when buying one. Generally, when you arrive to view a boat for sale you can ...
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How to remove sticker residue glue from your boat or substrate

Wanting to know how to remove sticker residue glue from a substrate surface? This is an informational guide that's perfect for boat owners or anyone else needing to remove glue ...
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How to make your boat look new again

A question we occasionally might get asked when someone finds out I have fibreglass experience is - Do you have any ideas on how to make my boat look new ...
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The Ledger of the Deep – Poseidon’s Scroll Myth or Legend

What is the Ledger of the Deep? Legend has it that the Ledger of the deep is where Poseidon has a large scroll. This scroll has the list of names of ...
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Boat Renaming Ceremony – Traditional Script Change

A boat renaming ceremony is a process used to change a boat's name if you are superstitious. So you have found the perfect boat of your dreams but the only ...
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what is a yacht charter season really mean?

Meaning of yacht basically is a boat that floats on the water and moves across the vast ocean with no motor. Instead it has sails and relies on wind pushing ...
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