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Boat Registration Stickers Product Information

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Boat Registration Stickers product information page has been put together to assist you with the info you may be looking for if you decide to purchase our products. Everything you need to know can be found here. Alternatively, you can call Joe directly on 0418 563 000 if you have any questions or if you would like to place a phone order.

Boat stickers Decals

About Our Rego Stickers

Styles – We offer 2 styles. Rectangle-shaped boat registration stickers & round boat registration stickers.
The rectangle-shaped popular sizes are 600mm x 150mm and 550mm x 150mm.

Colours – Use a colour that is opposite to your boat hull colour where these stickers will be placed.

As an example, if your hull is a dark navy blue, black or another dark colour the best colour choices would be white and silver.

Same applies if your boat is a light colour like white or silver. The obvious choices is to use white lettering.

Tip – Using a colour only a few shades lighter to your boat surface may incur a fine from the local boating authorities.

Placement – Somewhere at the front of your boat where it is visible. Our customer who owns the boat pictured above decided to place theirs on the back. Pls consult the boating authority in your state for more info about this.

How are these made? What do I get?

We make ours using a salt-resistant vinyl specifically suited for a marine environment. You have a choice of materials.

We don’t print these then contour cut these around your letters. These types of stickers really don’t last as long as our 3M product for example.

You will receive these as 1 sheet, not individual letters. You will apply these as 1 sheet as well. When the installation process is complete if you run your finger over the lettering you will feel the letters and your boat surface. This is a true and tested product in the industry dating back more than 30 years.

Rectangle Shaped Boat Registration Stickers

Our rectangle boat registration stickers available in a few different sizes.

The popular sizes being 550mm x 150mm or the 600mm x 150mm.

Across Australia the current rego height is 150mm and the text needs to be 90 degrees perpendicular eg ABCFGG.

Unlike boat names stickers boat regos have height restrictions.

Round Boat Registration Stickers

These are not legal as far as we are aware because the text needs to be in a straight line.
Its also near impossible to create round regos where each line of text is 150mm.

Material Choices

We offer 2 sticker material choices and it’s up to you which one you decide to use.

Difference Between Shop Purchased Single letters & Your product

Our products have been tested over time going back to 2008.

The same type of products you purchase have also been supplied to the Australian Navy.

These are awesome sticker kits. We take no short cuts. We have had on numerous occasions

customers buying our rego stickers after they purchased over the counter stickers.

What’s Changed in Rego Height Regulation?

In Queensland the regulation minimum height was 200mm.

What a silly rule it was.

Case in point –  A resident near Byron Bay NSW who decided to go away to QLD (only an hour or so down the road) could be fined because their rego is 150mm as per law in NSW.

Since the last QLD regulation boat registration sticker height changes all the states of Australia are now the same which is 150mm in height.

Tip – If applying over a clinker/lapstrake or step think about allowing an extra 25mm or so for height loss. Height loss occurs because the sticker is applied into the ribs hence its where you lose the height from. We give you a height option to achieve this.

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