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Product Features

1. Boat Names & Rego stickers are provided
as individual letters on 1 sheet ready for easy
These stickers are not printed
on a clear or white  background.
 This means
you will see your boat surface between the
vinyl letters. This method is the most popular.


2. Waterproof adhesive.
3. Fast Ordering Processing.
4. Proven on over 2000 customer boats
since 2009
5. Excellent Customer Service. You
really know who you are dealing with
if a problem ever arises
. Rest assured
our customers get looked after.


Boat Registration Stickers Designer

NO Background Colour. Just letters on 1 sheet.
Price: 0.00
1. Add Your Boat Reg >>: :

Just add your text above and choose a font to activate the Sticker Designer.

2. Choose Font: :

Font Chart

Please Note: Font 19 is only available in capital letters. Font 12, 13, 14
& 15 are outline fonts. The black lettering is only provided with the white
parts removed which makes your substrate surface visible.

3. Choose Sticker Colour: : :

Colour Chart

4. Preview Design with Your Boat Colour: :

5. Order with Shadow or Outline Effect: :

(Shadow display is for preview only. Your order will be completed with your requirements only. These stickers have no background colour and the colour you choose to order is what will be provided in 1 piece with clear application tape not paper. Fonts 12, 13, 14 & 15 are provided as outlines.)

Make these like the Design Preview: :

Add Order Related Comment:: :

Our Boat Rego Stickers are sold in Pairs.
QTY 1 = 2 Rego Stickers, 1 for each side of your

Buying 2 pairs or more? A $5 discount applies for each pair when buying 2 or more pairs.


Our Boat Registration stickers are custom made for you on 1 sheet with the letters and numbers automatically aligned and ready to fit and install on your boat. These are not printed and have no white background. 

You get the individual letters and numbers you order on 1 sheet ready for installation and simply look fantastic once installed. These rego sticker kits have proved popular with many kits sold throughout Australia.

The advantage you have compared with others is that our letters come on the one sheet which means your letters and numbers will align in 1 straight line with 2 material options and waterproof adhesive.

Boat Registration Stickers & Decals May Need to:
  • Be visible within 60 Metres
  • In Capital Block Letters
  • Displayed on both sides of your boat
  • A colour that is visible and opposite to your boat colour eg if your boat
    is white then the Boat Registration stickers should be black.
The information on this website in reference to boat registration specifications should be used as a guide only.

Shadow Effect & Outline Ordering Info

Protrude out from chosen height - This means if you order a pair of boat regos and they are 150mm in height your letters will be 150mm plus the additional shadow effects which may be an additional 25mm to 50mm (1 or 2 inches). If you need to remove the shadow effect for whatever reason your letters will be the initial ordered height eg 100mm, 150mm, 200mm.

Overal height chosen includes shadow
- If you choose this option the overall height of your boat regos including outline or shadow effect will be the ordered height. If you need to remove the shadow effect for whatever reason your letters will be smaller than the ordered height and will not be for example 100mm, 150mm or 200mm.

Boat Registration LETTER Height Guidelines

WA | VIC - 150mm | SA - 150mm | TAS - 150mm| NSW- ACT - 150mm | QLD - 150mm| NT

Please confirm the sticker height by visiting your states regulation web page.

We offer a 12 month replacement warranty on the Polymeric range of stickers, 24 months
replacement warranty on the 3M Cast Sticker range and an 18 month replacement warranty
on the chrome range of stickers. The warranty covers your stickers from excessive peeling, fading
or cracking during the mentioned warranty period mentioned above. Warranty period starts 7 days
after your purchase. The Chrome vinyl is made by a USA company not related to any Brands
mentioned on this web page.

Please Note:
1. You will need to allow a minimum of 3 days for your stickers to cure on your substrate surface before taking your boat out. For best results we recommend a cure time of 5 days for maximum adhesion.
2. You need to make sure your surface is 100% clean by using an appropriate surface cleaner that is suitable for your surface.
3. We highly recommend you apply your stickers onto your surface using the dry method.

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