what is a yacht charter season really mean?

Meaning of yacht


basically is a boat that floats on the water and moves across the vast ocean with no motor. Instead it has sails and relies on wind pushing against the sail for movement. This is very impressive stuff when you think about the weight of some of these yachts.

Trailerable yachts are not as heavy and can range from 500kgs to 1 -2 tonnes.


The larger ones that live on the water can weight a few tonnes.

Sailing is a fascinating hobby and people in teams race yachts in small and large ocean Races. One popular race is the Sydney to Hobart Race.

Whats on Board?

Space is limited especially on large super maxi sailing yachts and many don’t have a shower. Generally there is a small area where you can sleep, shower and a very small bathroom. On ocean yachts more emphasis is placed on luxury and these yachts also have small kitchens where you can prepare and cook food.

Racing Yachts

These are awesome looking yachts that move at fast speeds across the ocean. Generally skippered with an experienced crew that can range up to 20 or so crew members. These yachts are generally made from Carbon fibre due to its strength and weight.

These yachts generally have boat names stickers which gives them their unique form of identity. These boat names generally can be changed by completing a boat naming renaming ceremomy. Yachts generally do require boat registration stickers.

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