How to remove sticker residue glue from your boat or substrate

Wanting to know how to remove sticker residue glue from a substrate surface? This is an informational guide that’s perfect for boat owners or anyone else needing to remove glue residue left by stickers and decals. First things first. Let me share some important information on substrate surfaces. This is important because if you use … Read more

Boat Name Ideas For Your Runabout

Some of the best Boat name ideas can be found on some of the most beautiful boats you will ever see. We have put together a comprehensive list of boat names you can view below. These might help you in getting an idea for your next boat name. [namedirectory dir=”2″] ——————————————————–   Whether it’s Goerge … Read more

Boat Stickers Custom Made Information Page

Boat Stickers Australia Information content for all types of marine vessels. Important info that will help you when deciding on what size you would like your sticker to be. ——————————————————————————————— >>  Click here to design and order Boat Name Decals. ———————————————————————————————- The type of surface where you apply our stickers does not really matter as … Read more

Boat Stickers Material Types Availability Information

Boat Stickers Material Types Availability Information page. These are perfect for Boat Names or Boat Registration Stickers. We offer 2 types of Material a cheaper polymeric type and a premium cast 3m product. Before choosing though you need to have boat name ideas for your boat, At face value, you can hardly tell any difference … Read more

Boat Registration Stickers Product Information

Boat Registration Stickers product information page has been put together to assist you with the info you may be looking for if you decide to purchase our products. Everything you need to know can be found here. Alternatively, you can call Joe directly on 0418 563 000 if you have any questions or if you … Read more