Will Paint Peel if i Remove stickers from my Boat or Car surface

Will paint peel when removing stickers from a boat or car surface? Paint peel generally happens when correct surface preparation had not taken place during the spray painting process. This is generally the main reason paint peeling occurs during a sticker removal. The paint is essentially just sitting on the surface with very little paint adhesion. When … Read more

Boat Rego Registration Qld SA WA VIC NSW Sticker Decal Kits

Boat Rego Registration for WA Qld SA NSW VIC Stickers are designed and made to suit your needs. These are suitable for all types of boats used 0n Queensland waters. Boat Types Examples Suited for our Sticker Kits An example includes: Fishing boats skiing boats Motor Yachts Runabouts Cruisers Traditionally years gone by the height … Read more

Boat Safety Requirements Australia

Boat safety requirements can be different for all states across Australia. Safety Requirements per State: Victoria Tasmania Queensland South Australia Western Australia Northern Territory In general, the following  may be needed: Food Water Torch Satellite phone Upkeep of fresh batteries eg for torch or radio Fire prevention gear Flares Anchor, chain and or rope Towing … Read more

Mornington Peninsula Boat Ramps Victoria Australia

The Mornington Peninsula Boat Ramps map consists of all surrounding areas. I have also included, local hotels and caravan parks. This boat ramp maps covers: Mornington. Safety beach. Dromana. Tootgarook. Rye, Tyrone. Sorrento. Flinders and the Shoreham boat ramp. The Shoreham Boat ramp looks like a nice secluded area for some good fishing. You are … Read more